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The curiously named “Balzac” is a cloth “sack” for inflating a balloon. I had one of these as a kid, I actually remember being in Target desiring one of these things and the utter disappointment when I realized it was quite literally a “Ball Sack”.

That said, it’s one of the better toys to come out in the 90’s. It’s covered in trendy fluorescent prints that all children in the 90’s deemed far superior to the more subtle hues today (unless we’re working in construction or being seen in traffic.)

Pretty much apart from this extra-excited commercial about a new form of ball, there’s nothing really unique about what you do with a Balzac. You kick, punch, and hit it like you would any other ball.

But, Balzac is still around. Even stranger than you could possibly believe, it looks like they’re now sales have been is low they’re just giving away this stuff for free? The official Balzac Website says “everything is free”.

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