Barbie Golden Dream Motor Home

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Barbie has always had the coolest cars.  She had the pink ‘Vette and the Ferrari, which came in both White and Red.   So first impression when you see a commercial for Barbie’s Motor Home, you have to start wondering what happened to her modeling career.  But wait –

My guess with this one is that after having the Ferrari in the 1980’s, it’s really hard to top that in terms of ride choice for Barbie.  Could it possibly be cool for Barbie than to dress her friends up like good ol’ outdoorsy country folk and camping in luxury?  Mattel says yes, and I said luxury.

And I mean luxury.  Barbie and friends are surely not roughing it in the wild on this camping trip.  They’ve got fancy parties, barbecues, sleepovers, a detachable car, and even a washer and dryer for a little taste of home while they’re gone.

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