Barbie with Potty Training Kelly, she tinkles!

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The more recent years of Barbie came and went at some level of desperation, with toy producers scrapping the bottom of the barrel for new innovative toy ideas.  Every now and then a really curious toy makes it to the mass-marketing machine, presented during every Saturday morning cartoon break along with all the cereals, snacks, video games, and other toys.

Potty Training Kelly, from 1996, is one of those toys from Barbie’s years of desperately vying for attention.   Honestly, what were they thinking? I suppose the one saving grace may be to use this as a potty training tool for youngsters, but to design a Barbie toy to role play how to pee?

Barbie was fairly conservative in this reincarnation of her lifestyle, appearing more maternal with her hair pulled back and a denim vest.  But nobody bought Potty Training Kelly for Barbie.  They bought Potty Training Kelly for Kelly, a small toddler sized Barbie with a hole in her mouth you fill with water, and it drains out in hole between her legs when you squeeze her.

Yes, you potty train kelly by literally squeezing the piss out of her.

Potty Training Kelly also comes complete with a toilet with working toilet paper roll, toilet, and sink so you can play out your bathroom fantasies in great detail, all day long.

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