Cracker Jacks – That’s What You Get in Cracker Jack

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“Ahhh, the 1960’s.. The Golden Age.

JFK, the President that could bang you with a swift wink of his eye.  Drugs, laced with rock n’ roll, and the public finally getting their hands on some birth control.. How could things get any better? Then, came Cracker Jacks.  The box of sweet caramel popcorn and the lure of a cheap toy mixed within.  How could a kid resist both, sugar and toys?  Genius!

The sales clerk in this commercial seems a little shifty.  Without the use of any verbiage, and only a few “tongue in cheek” winks, he successfully tells these little kiddos the cost of the sweet snack that they just gotta have now.  With a “Sorry little boy and girl..  But, a marble isn’t enough… I’m gonna have to take more” expression on his face, we all can realize why we don’t allow our
children to run to the store solo anymore these days.. Without the invention of the Internet and TV teaching everyone life is safe, happy, and black and white; it apparently was also the Golden Age for the “Chesters” of the world.

However, nothing tops the “gotta have it now” theme of this commercial, then the brother pouring the newly purchased sweetness into his sister’s cup hands.. Only for her dive face first and begin nom-noming immediately.  And still I ask… Where are their parents..?

“What do you want, when ya gotta eat somethin’! It’s gotta be sweet, and it’s gotta be a lot, and you gotta have it now!”

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