Don’t Litter PSA – Crying Indian Returns

1980s, Anti-Littering, PSA 0 1393

The crying Indian returns in this commercial, showing that our American cities are “x” percentage cleaner than they were before. “X” percentage “cleaner”. Hmmm. How do you measure cleanliness?

Did we pick up all the litter on the side of the road? Did we pull all those shoes dangling from the power lines? Maybe we were driving less. Were we planting more trees? Perhaps more kids were using Hand Sanitizer.

We’re not told how they’re measuring cleanliness, or how this percentage means much of anything at all. I suppose you had to order the pamphlet for the explanation.

For the past 20 – 30 years, we rested well in the comfort that every city is exponentially cleaner, America. So, where did our Indian guide go? Is he finally smiling? We can only assume with the global warming concerns and guilt for over-consumption that he must have bawled himself to death at some point during the past 20 years.

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