Hawaii Chair – It Moves Your Butt While You Work

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There has got to be a better way to get fit without actually performing any exercise. Maybe there’s a device out there, somewhere, that can move for me and somehow transfer this movement to my muscles?

Enter the Hawaii Chair – this product will electronically rotate your rear while at the office or at home. What better way to shed a few pounds off of the waistline while typing an email as your body gyrates on a rotating platform? It certainly doesn’t look near as annoying as, say, riding carnival rides while chatting with your boss, or surviving an earthquake while running reports.

From calling it a “Hawaii chair” to comparing this butt-rotator to Hula dancing, to looking like you’re about to fall out of your seat, to annoying your co-workers with the loud mechanical noises I’m certain this thing produces, and to convincing others this thing is actually producing any physical results – I’m not sure the Hawaii Chair or its advertising could be any more absurd.

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