Kellogg’s Corn Pops – Gotta Get Pops

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Marketed right into kid’s minds everywhere, Corn Pops was the cereal that you “gotta get”.    This commercial’s slogan falls into a popular grey-area in Children’s advertising where the rules are especially tight-nosed at any advertising that suggests “Buy, buy, buy!”

But who cares about the cereal.  When you’re a kid, it’s not about the cereal, hell, you may not even eat it.  It’s really about the toy inside.  That shiny little treasure hidden in the cavernous depths of each box of cereal was the real goal in mind.  What kid wasn’t excited to tear open the bag inside and start rooting around for their free toy?   That’s what getting cereal was all about.

The toy in this box of Corn Pops.  The Wacky Wall Walker.  (Remember?  They’re those strange sticky plastic toys shaped like an Octopus with the density of a cheap fishing lure.)

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