Lucky Strike – Demonstrating Fine Tobacco

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A man in some unclear location is coerced into smoking Lucky Strikes by a man of unknown relationship.

They immediately break into a demonstration to reenact the other Lucky Strike commercials. Yes, it’s a commercial about discovering the truth behind their original commercial.

He pulls out a cigarette at this man’s request and pulls the paper away revealing a thin sticky glob presumed to be their tobacco. Now we watch as they place their tobacco under a microscope where we learn it’s truly “round, firm, and fully packed” just as their other commercial said.

After a whiff of crushed tobacco, it’s enough to convince even the strongest of skeptics to start chain puffing that new pack of Lucky Strikes.

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Adam is an enigma, folded gently into dough, wrapped inside of cellophane, and hidden on the top shelf where he peers at passersby. He lives in Portland, OR with his wife and two dogs.

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