Lucky Strike – He Eats His Hat

1960s, Cigarettes 0 192

Back when cigarette ads flooded the airwaves, this goodie appeared on television.

We’re introduced to a cheering crowd as what appears to be a matador collects a chewed at off the ground thrown at him by a spectator. Why on earth has this man eaten his hat? Because Lucky Strike has produced a filtered cigarette with an excellent taste. A disgusted / annoyed / or pleased matador tosses his hat back while our pearly toothed, hat-eating friend appears content, takes another drag of his “L.S./M.F.T”.

I’ll never understand why cigarettes are touted for their deliciousness, but this is a common theme in old cigarette ads.

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Adam is an enigma, folded gently into dough, wrapped inside of cellophane, and hidden on the top shelf where he peers at passersby. He lives in Portland, OR with his wife and two dogs.

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