Mountain Dew – Willie the Hillbilly

1960s, Food, Soda 1 965

Mountain Dew – now the highly caffeinated choice of World of Warcraft players everywhere, the former choice of skydivers and snowboarders, was first sold by moonshine-drinking hillbillies?

At the height of Western popularity, this classic cartoon advertisement shows Willy the Hillbilly showing us the excitment of drinking Mountain Dew – guaranteed to Tickle Your Innards!

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Adam is an enigma, folded gently into dough, wrapped inside of cellophane, and hidden on the top shelf where he peers at passersby. He lives in Portland, OR with his wife and two dogs.

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  1. j.b. January 17, 2011 at 11:25 am -  Reply

    Believe me when I say this-Somethings never CHANGE! These people are exactly the same!Its still 1966!

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