Newport Cigarettes – Beach Couple Visits Through the TV

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Back in the 1960’s, Newport ran campaigns for smoking to appear fun, exciting, and sexy. In this ad spot we see a tired husband awakened at his television at the terrifying site of a dancing beach couple on television leap from the screen and appear in full size next to him while the catchy jingle plays.

He’s instantly aroused by a sexy young woman presenting him an open pack of cigarettes, snatches one and her male partner lights it while she whispers “the smoothest tasting menthol cigarette” in her ear.

Well, his excited wife must have smelled the infidelity and comes running downstairs. The beach couple scurry off, shrink, and jump back into the screen next to a tall pack of Newports. Our friend keeps his little Newport secret and gives a quick wink to his new friends.

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