Nintendo Power Glove

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Before there was Wii, there was the Power Glove. Possibly the biggest difference between a Nintendo Power Glove and a Wii Remote is that the Nintendo Power Glove was utterly useless as a gaming controller. Not one kid I know who owned a Power Glove liked to use it, and half of them probably didn’t understand really how to use it effectively.

If the Power Glove taught me anything, it was possibly the first toy that all my friends owned that I thought was a useless piece of crap. I came to realize that my desire for the Power Glove was nothing but heavy marketing and peer-envy, like most things are when you’re a kid. Did anyone actually enjoy using the Power Glove?

Probably a better “advertisement” for the Power Glove aimed directly at the youth of the late 80’s was in Nintendo’s 90-minute commerical The Wizard. I love the Power Glove. It’s so bad.

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