Pee-Wee Herman says “Don’t Do Crack”

1980s, 1990s, Anti-Drugs, PSA 1 4555

Holding up a, what at first glance looks to be his sperm sample, Pee-Wee quickly stops the viewers’ dirty, perverse minds by sharing it’s… wait for it.. Crack Cocaine. Yeah, that wasn’t incredibly awkward.. Thank you for that, Mr. Rubenfield.

Anyway, one immediately begs to question how these two first met. Pee-Wee and Crack Cocaine. How did they end up in a PSA together? I mean, how young were the users of crack cocaine during the 80’s that someone thought it was a good idea to snatch Pee-Wee from his playhouse to talk about it?

“This is crack.” “Rock cocaine.” “It isn’t glamorous, or cool, or kid stuff.” Really..? There’s no doubt that this is intended to tell crack users to get high and watch Pee-Wee’s Playhouse for hidden messages.. However, I imagine this announcement created more questions to parents, than answers for kids. First question being, “Mom, Dad.. Whats Crack..?”


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  1. Loopy August 18, 2015 at 2:52 pm -  Reply

    Pee Wee HAD to do this service commercial as part of his community service/probation conditions when he was caught doing nasty things to himself in a porn movie house in sarasota.

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