Pepsi Commercial – 1995 – WILLLLLSSSOOONNNNN!

This commercial is from 1995, when Pepsi first started putting freshness stamps on the bottom of the cans.

As requested tonight by a fan:

Sadly, I don’t have an upload – but a request. My brother and I have been going nuts trying to find a link to an old 1990s commercial. It was around 1995 when Pepsi first started stamping ‘freshness dates’ on cans. It was a commercial where an old butler was supposed to be bringing his master a Pepsi. But he was so doddering and slow, only just got the drink to his boss before the expiration date. Then the master asked for a straw and the butler started doddering off again at a snail’s pace with the master screaming in anger after him. The butler was called ‘Wilsooooooon!!!’
We’ve hunted high and low, but we can’t find it anywhere….

One Response to “Pepsi Commercial – 1995 – WILLLLLSSSOOONNNNN!”

  1. Slyrr says:

    A million thumbs up!

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