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The King of Pop realized that his pop beats did more than attract fans with catchy pop beats. These catchy pop beats also made great jingles to sell products. In a complete bastardization of the hit Jackson song Billie Jean, Michael Jackson hawks Pepsi as the soft drink preference of a whole generation – presumably his fans, like our young friend imitating his dance styles in this commercial.

Pepsi is well-known since the 1950’s for positioning itself as the more “modern” soft drink – when in truth the actual product ingredients have very little difference from Coca-Cola. That fact aside, Pepsi’s marketing has been hugely successful, making it one of the most popular soft drinks in the world. Attracting and featuring such popular musicians like Michael Jackson no dout stirred their popularity, fueling the younger target audience that will drink Pepsi and feel more hip and young for years and years than those dirty Coke drinkers.

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