Purina Meow Mix

1980s, Pet Food 0 4164

I laud Purina for this one. This is, in my opinion, one of the best and most effective TV commercials ever made. There are few TV ads that can compete with the Meow Mix campaign for simplicity, clarity, and humor.

First, it’s incredibly simple. Dead simple. You don’t even have to be able to read to see what’s going on. It’s like someone’s silly Youtube video… made pre-YouTube, and even the most inept moron could figure out what is being sold and what the product is.

Secondly, they don’t anthropomorphize the cat into a speaking feline-devil. The “subtitles” interpret what many people would probably think their cat is saying, and associating your pet with Meow Mix as they are mewing incessantly to eat is brilliant.

Third, the commercial and jingle both fall perfectly in line with the “Meow Mix” brand name.

Fourth, said jingle is annoyingly catchy. You can’t possibly see this commercial on any given day, go to the store and spot “Meow Mix” without hearing meows in your head. And the lyrics couldn’t be more simple. Meow. Whoever wrote the Meow Mix jingle must have some relative connection to “The Song that Never Ends” and “Who Let the Dogs Out”, or any number of daycare children’s songs.

Purina, well done.

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