Star Wars AT-AT Toy

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My favorite thing about this commercial is not the fact that is advertising Christmas wet dream of every child in 1980, but that it’s being advertised pretty much the exact same way you’d pitch a used car: first, highlight the value of its practical features like a couple mounted lasers on a flexible cockpit and obstacle-crushing feet while hiding its clear and obvious deficiencies.

For instance, the AT-AT’s greatest weakness is that it is stilted on four clunky, stupid legs that can easily be wrangled and hog-tied by anyone with an A-Wing and a student’s flight license; a weakness that seems equally self-evident by the fact that this toy takes not one, but TWO boys to navigate the thing in any reasonable way. The very angle of how this commercial is shot tries to hide this kid shamefully serving his leg-motion duties. The reality is this: there isn’t a spoiled ten year old boy scoring one of these things that is actually into the whole “letting friends touch your toys” sort of thing.

Oh wait, spoiler, you say? You didn’t know the fate of the AT-AT? The film’s been out for thirty-five years. I don’t even think spoilers existed back then. Bite me.

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