Taco Bell 1979 TV Commerical

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“Can you feel your taste buds tingle?  Taco Bell, Taco Bell.”  Catchy and a precursor to the side effects, all-in-one!

Everyone looks so jubilant in this commercial; smiling and laughing the entire time.  Then again, flatulence is pretty funny, so I’m not necessarily surprised by it.  Regardless the reason for all the giddiness, nothing tops the creepy, sinister smile on that dreamy high school quarterback’s face about 0:18 seconds into the commercial.  Maybe it’s because he plans to dive face first into all that freshness on his tray, or maybe he got the cute counter girl’s number and plans to dive face first into all that freshness..  Who knows?  But either way, his face says he definitely has a plan.

Also, I am curious to how Taco Bell managed to survive back then by only serving standard tacos and burritos.  The food then did not have the same glistening, sexiness as the Doritos-Nacho-Cheese-Gordita-Burrito-Chile-Quesadilla-Wrap Supreme does today.  Now with 75% less beef and 4 times the cost!  Still, nothing beats the drunken 1 AM trip to Taco Hell to satisfy the craving to smash a few Big Box meals.  Well, until the next morning’s full body purge, that is. The colon cleansing is just another beneficial side affect, and with no extra charge!

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