The Oozinator Squirt Gun – Um, what is this?

1990s, Toys 1 600

In the 90’s, the Super Soaker rose to fame. Kids everywhere were drenching each other with high-powered squirt guns with enormous tanks and pump-action pressure. And we definitely made a mess of things.

But then the efforts to come up with new and innovative products for boys to squirt themselves with made a new and very strange turn.

Introducing the Oozinator, a plastic alien-movie-inspired pump action ooze chucker. You load up the cartridge of white sticky goo, pump the handle excitedly several times in a back-and-forth motion to fire splurts of white creamy fluid all over your unsuspecting friends.

They’ll be scarred for life, terrified of your goo-gun, but you’ll find this activity natural and awesome. At least for a couple years, and then I’m positive there will be discoveries of many creative new ways to vent this goo-squirting energy.

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Adam is an enigma, folded gently into dough, wrapped inside of cellophane, and hidden on the top shelf where he peers at passersby. He lives in Portland, OR with his wife and two dogs.

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