Atari System – Breakout and Baseball

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Since it’s hard to imagine Atari’s”Baseball as baseball and Atari’s Breakout to be anything other than a simple and addictive pixel block action game, 80’s commercials often spruced up the game’s monotonous and repetitive gameplay by adding living characters playing out their video game fantasy by doing more exciting things, like breaking out of jail and swinging bats.

Baseball star Pete Rose opens up the commercial, stepping up to the plate but is immediately struck out, proving that Rose sucks indeed sucked at baseball. Or at least video games.

I’m not entirely sure but it looks like Don Knotts as the Breakout prisoner. He’s cleverly bashed a hole in the prison wall with his Atari and escaped. He must’ve second-guessed his escape route since his head pops up from the outside, but covering up his attempted escape is obviously futile.

This commercial for Atari came out in 1978.

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