It’s Worth Fighting for Tareyton Cigarettes

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In this popular ad campaign featuring a grammatically incorrect slogan, we see to what ends these brand devotees are willing to go for their choice of smoke.

This commercial starts out with several men muttering incessantly at one another, when their buddy walks in. “What gives?” they ask.

What could it be? Is he crying? Did he just get a nose job? Did he get into a fight over cigarettes? Nah, he’s rubbed shoe polish all around his eye to cue the jingle. The song and overtones explain it’s the hidden charcoal tip and the “White Tip” that will leave us fighting, stealing, robbing, and doing whatever it takes to get our junkie paws on a pack of Tareytons.

What is this? The whole gang gets in on this and smokes his whole pack.

I believe it’s safe to assume a massive fight broke out, sort of like a musical chairs game for smokers that continues until there’s one guy left in the room.

Tareyton smokers didn’t fight hard enough – you can still get them, but only in specialty tobacco stores.

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  1. lyn April 15, 2013 at 11:02 am -  Reply

    Hi. I’m doing research on cigarette logos. I would like to obtain a color jpeg of the Tareton brand of cigarettes that featured the castle. I believe it is a Scottish castle; the castle truly exists and I believe it is one of these: Fraser (most likely), Crathes (2nd most likely), Fyvie, Cragievar, Midmar, or Drum. This info is very important to our non-profit association for research purposes, the Bell Family Association. Please also provide the manufacturer’s name during the 1960’s; the red pack. Thank you! Lyn Bashoor, Historic Researcher,

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