Folger’s Coffee – Misogyny and Bad Brews

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Back in the 1960’s, there was obviously a lot of pressure for women to perform well in domestic matters. The shirts must be ironed to a fine sharp razor edge, breakfast must be served in full by 6:30am in the morning, and the coffee must be piping hot and good tasting.

This brings us to today’s horror story, where a somewhat misogynistic husband is thoroughly peeved at being served a cup of crap coffee. This coffee is so bad that he takes it personally, explaining to his wife that the girls working in the office can make a better cup on hotplates. A crappy housewife you are, indeed. He spits his insults in her face and leaves without kissing her goodbye. Shame be to you. SHAME. Time to drink coffee with the girls in the office.

Without serving a decent cup of coffee, there’s no way to relax. The greatest fear of housewives everywhere is not providing a good cup of coffee for her husband. You know, ruining the morning and all. Our housewife talks with her friend, who explains that Folgers Instant coffee is just as good as “Fresh Perked” coffee.

We see our next housewife trying to appease her husband with coffee. He refuses to utter a word to her in disdain for this horrible tasting brew. Of course, the answer is Instant Folgers coffee.

Instant Coffee means Instant Marital Aid.

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