Kent Satisfies Best!

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There’s no doubt that if your name was Kent in the 60s, you were getting laid significantly more than other guys once this commercial aired. This beyond catchy little jingle will keep the three words, “Kent satisfies best!” stuck in your head for days. So, if you’re a Kent, allow me to extend you this *high-five*, while saying, “Yeah you do!”.

Also, nothing bets the freeze frames of each individual in the video exhaling out a puff of smoke with a smile of delight on their faces, allowing the viewer a glimpse of that smoky happiness before it fully dissipates. The best part about this commercial is that it reveals just how addicting their product can be with the constant cutting to different individuals working or enjoying different aspects of the 1960s life. Advertising that there’s truly nothing you can’t do while smoking your Kent cigarettes. Moreover, there’s probably nothing you would want to do if you weren’t smoking them! It all comes together about :47 into the advertisement showing that a happy town, is a Kent town!

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