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Remember when Game Genie came out?  Everybody wanted this thing.  It was sort of a “pay to cheat” device, where you inserted the NES cartridge into the back and plugged it into the NES system.  The Game Genie would do some fancy over-ride stuff and after inserting some ridiculous cryptic codes from a code book you could get fun new cheats out of your games.

The Game Genie was immensely popular, so I never understood why this device wasn’t continued for other consoles, or something similar to it.

Something really interesting about the totally radical Game Genie, dudes.  Nintendo hated it.  The Game Genie’s manufacturer Galoob (part of Hasbro as of 1998) first went to Nintendo to make it a licensed product, and Nintendo rejected it.  Galoob released it anyway, resulting in a lawsuit from Nintendo that the Game Genie infringed on their copyrights.  The courts favored Galoob and they continued to sell about 5 million Game Genies for NES, SNES, Game Boy, Sega Genesis, and Sega Game Gear.

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  1. Nintendo Kid November 28, 2011 at 1:35 pm -  Reply

    HA! I still have the game genie stored away in my basement somewhere in box full of all my old nintendo games and stuff. Out of all the years of gaming, and different products that ive seen over the years, I have yet to see something as incredible and fun as the Game Genie. It wasnt until i got it for Christmas, that i was actually able to conquer alot of my nes games lol. Great post man! Brings back memories

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