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It really amazes me how much the Nintendo Wii has in common with its older consoles. NES had some great platforms, games, and ideas, including the Power Pad. Today we have the Wii Fit, which is a much more compact (and more game-friendly) version of Nintendo’s original “workout” video game foot pad, the Power Pad.

It looks sort of like a Twister game pad that like all plastic sheets will scoot across the floor when you try to step on it. (Remember we’re about 20 years away from Wii Fit technology). It plugs in and you can play exciting games that usually involve running in place faster than your friends or your computer opponent. You’re playing with Body Power!

While moderately successful and probably considered a real space-waster by Parents everywhere, Power Pad was sold in a re-release of the Nintendo console called the “Power Set”.

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