Pizza Hut Halloween Pizza Head

1990s, Restaurants 0 1712

“Now it’s time for the Pizza Head show!”

This commercial required the following production tools: a delivery guy’s bedroom, an ounce of weed, a wardrobe of pizza clothes, and an endless supply of pizza.

What comes out the other end? Why, I’m so glad you asked, because it was this 30 second Halloween-flavored masterpiece of pizza fiction!

Reminiscent of Mr. Bill from classic Saturday Night Live, we watched horrifically as Pizza Hut’s Supreme-topped mascot is helplessly tortured by his handler and numerous Halloween-costumed pizza slicers. Which of course, would only be a precursor to the inevitable if this idiot would just stop playing with his food long enough to chomp into this screaming anthropomorphized sauce-filled slice of dough and melted cheese, like the treat that it is.

However, it did successfully make me want to go out and score some steaming hot Pizza Head, and in a bad way.  Marketing geniuses!

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