Vivitar Film Camera – Stop Using Digital, Use Film!

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Remember the good old days, before this newfangled computer photography?

A simpler time, when all you had to do to preserve memories of Junior’s birthday party was to visit your local Walgreens to purchase and manage expensive rolls of film, take them to the store and pay for a tangible glossy photograph? A time when the risks of portraits mid-blink, moms in mid-sentence, and Uncle Joe’s pale face flushed out in the camera flash were simply the risks worth paying for.

These youth and their iPhones, Androids, and digital gobbly-guck are making things harder for the rest of us. Seriously, you have to plug in a cable to see your photos? You have to use your friggin’ printer? Kids these days and their button-pushing, multi-tasking, 21st century toys. Grandpa doesn’t care to learn such things. Retirement is practically designed for those trips to Walgreens to pick up developed film. “I just want to take photos,” says Grandpa.

Enter the Vivitar Film Camera, likely pulled out of Vivitar’s basement, dusted off and re-packaged as the senior friendly alternative to learning to use a PC.

While we’re at it, I think we need more regressive product advertising to bring back these simpler times. I can’t wait until Sony starts advertising their Walkman again – it’ll bring back fond memories of cassette tapes and the FM radio tuner, powered by non-rechargeable AA batteries with that little ribbon behind them so you can pop them out in case they die or get corroded. And VHS; let’s bring back the tapes… come on! Why all of these newfangled discs and “hard drives” now? My video collection looked far more impressive with those big fat plastic Disney boxes and plastic tapes large enough to use as an hors’ devours platter.

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