Winston Commercial – Flinstones Choice of Cigarette

1960s, Cigarettes 2 892

When the Flinstones first aired in 1960, Winston Cigarettes was the original sponsor. Cartoon smoking is great for selling products and doesn’t damage your lungs!

This one starts out with the Barney and Fred watch the wives do cave activities ( tedious lawn work). This lawn work was so tedious in fact it bored them to the point of walking away. Barney wants to “do something”, maybe trim the weeds or club a woman. We discover Barney’;s true intentions: get Fred addicted to nicotine.

Barney pulls out an enormous looking back of Winston cigarettes and Fred, instantly remembering he’s advertising something, and probably itching for a smoke, instantly grabs one off the top.

Barney gets the evil eye from his wife as he begins to explain why Winston is wonderful – it’s got Filter Blend, specially selected Tobacco, and “specially processed” (In 1960 it was good to be processed.)

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